Gather your friends for a girls night out. * 

*(Location: TBD for event)

ARE YOU FRUSTRATED with your skin and concerned you’re going to look old before your time?

WHAT IF I could show you how to banish wrinkles and turn back the clock, so you can look and feel years younger?

THAT’S WHAT this SPA FACIAL event is all about!  Women love attending this event because …you get to experience a nice "time out" and get totally pampered using the purest, essential oil infused products in the world, without breaking the bank!

You get to experience first hand some products I use in my practice that will help you to feel youthful from the inside and gorgeous on the outside, no matter what your age.

You’re also going to learn about the toxins that are present in many products that most of us don’t know about –and why using certain products makes all the difference in how you age - or don’t!  Experience the redeeming power of true essential oils and how to know the difference.

AT the end of your SPA experience you get to take home some SPA samples plus SPA PRIZES to be won by some lucky ladies!

RESERVE NOW by contacting the person who sent you this invite. There is LIMITED space at the table so why not let it be YOU AND A FRIEND?