Redeeming Thyme offers a totally personalized and natural health renewal experience.

About Redeeming Thyme

The company’s goal is simple: to use Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation (MFR) and other natural supplementary methods to help people be healthy and undo the effects of time in our toxic world. 

This flagship facial rejuvenation service is the “Non-Surgical Facelift”: a safer, cheaper and less extreme alternative to a traditional surgical facelift. MFR’s needle-free treatment of acupuncture points that stimulate the neck and facial muscles eliminates the chance of infection and injury, plus no missed work time as there’s no long healing process. It’s also proven safe, non-toxic, pain-free and non-invasive – with no recovery time! The sessions include diet and lifestyle counselling, essential oil-based products with proper skincare instructions, and meridian balancing of the body’s energy pathways.

When Dale learned that most skincare products contain carcinogenic chemicals, she realized that she could help herself and many others who were experiencing the same irritated skin conditions and founded Redeeming Thyme in 2015. Redeeming Thyme is dedicated to addressing the effects of gravity, toxins, and time. From her location, Dale serves both women and men all across the Ottawa region. The positive and personalized experience Dale creates ensures that any customer seeking a quality health solution will feel confident about their decision to redeem their skin.

Extra services:

Rosacea and acne treatment

Both rosacea and acne can be triggered and aggravated by many different factors, such as alcohol consumption, hot liquids, spicy food, exposure to sunlight or extreme temperatures, alcohol-based skin care products, stress or vitamin deficiency. Poor dietary habits can also play a role in rosacea and acne. Since the skin has a role in detoxifying the body, if the body contains more toxins than the kidneys and the liver can eliminate, the skin takes over and healthy integrity is disrupted.

Micro-current treatment is effective because it addresses the multiple contributing factors to the development of both acne and rosacea. It reduces skin inflammation, reduces scarring and promotes tissue regeneration, which enhances healing by 150% to 300%. Specific nutrients are also important to the management of acne and rosacea, therefore diet and lifestyle counselling along with specific essential oils are recommended.

Raindrop Technique Massage Therapy

Raindrop Therapy uses a combination of the application of medicinal-grade essential oils to the feet and spine, and moist warm towels to the spine. This allows the oils to penetrate the body rapidly, beginning the therapeutic process on a cellular level. It is a one-hour procedure, extremely relaxing and gentle on a stressed body.

monthly beauty school

Women love attending this event because you get to experience a nice "time out" and get totally pampered using the purest, essential oil infused products in the world, without breaking the bank!

You get to experience first hand some products I use in my practice that will help you to feel youthful from the inside and gorgeous on the outside, no matter what your age.


About Dale

Dale Carney grew up like most young women: on a quest for healthy, radiant skin. But after years of searching for the right product only to be met with irritated skin, she feared putting anything on her face ever again. Without any skin treatment, her age became apparent through dry skin and deepening lines. And so began a new quest: the search for a safe, natural product to turn back the hands of time.

As a registered – now retired – nurse, Dale has always enjoyed helping others get healthy. After making the transition to a full-time parent of four, then a home-school parent, Dale began looking into essential oils as a natural option to keep her family healthy. Her research also led her to find that plant-based products for topical and internal supplementation could also help her fight the effects of time and a world filled with toxins. By the time Dale entered her fifties, she realized aging skin was inevitable but she could turn back the hands of time by trying a natural, non-invasive facial protocol: the very same Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation she offers through Redeeming Thyme to help men and women feel their very best in healthy skin.

Throughout the many years Dale spent learning how to be her healthiest, she found that doing a little bit of something, whether good or bad, accumulates to make up our present state. So she decided to better herself by putting in a little more “good” each day. With the right ingredients consistently applied and the right treatments, she noticed an increase in energy. After Dale learned Raindrop Technique massage to help others improve their general health and reduce stress, she decided she would get trained to perform Microcurrent Facial Rejuvenation services, and Redeeming Thyme was born.